Knowledge Summit to study digital disruption

Fourth Industrial Revolution will be the focus of the summit in Dubai

Staff Report
15:59 November 13, 2017

Dubai: Acquiring the knowledge needed to thrive amid digital disruption in the coming years of the Fourth Industrial Revolution will be the main focus of Knowledge Summit 2017 to be held in Dubai on November 21-22.

Jamal Bin Huwaireb, CEO of the Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF), said it is imperative for the knowledge sector to not only embrace but understand massive changes across the economy.

The summit, to be held at Dubai World Trade Centre, is eager to open dialogue on the topic, said Bin Huwaireb in a statement.

“Since its inception, the summit has succeeded in promoting knowledge in the region, and has sought to develop and modernise our approaches to producing and disseminating knowledge,” he said. “The revolution has redrawn all aspects of life for individuals, institutions and nations. Therefore, it is important to study it to learn the opportunities it offers, as well as the challenges it brings along.”

Topics this year will include ‘Knowledge Cities’, which are the cities of the future; data availability challenges in the Arab region; the challenges and opportunities facing the education sector in the Arab world; the 4IR and higher education, where “we propose new curricula for advanced universities to bridge the gap between education and the labour market”.

This year’s summit will serve as a platform to discuss the findings of the Global Knowledge Index, looking into the benefits of such indicators in higher education and research, in information communication technology (ICT), as well as in pre-university education, technical education and vocational training.

Bin Huwaireb said, “The Fourth Industrial Revolution is essentially a knowledge revolution, a revolution that has harnessed knowledge, science and discoveries in the manufacture of new and exceptional tools to disseminate and produce knowledge, improve human life and sustain the development of societies. This revolution has drastically altered human life and in record time.”

The UAE government, meanwhile, has established a Fourth Industrial Revolution Council to implement the UAE Strategy for the revolution.