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Korean Cultural Centre in Abu Dhabi to launch six-week programme on K-Pop

19:18 September 11, 2017
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Abu Dhabi: Residents in the UAE will have the chance to immerse themselves in Korean pop music — K-Pop — thanks to a six-week programme being organised by the Korean Cultural Centre in Abu Dhabi that will teach participants all there is to know about the popular genre of Korean music.

“K-Pop refers to all genres of contemporary Korean pop music, from pop ballads to hip-hop, and it is one of the most rapidly growing areas of Hallyu (Korean wave) around the world,” explained Jun-ho Lee, director of the Korean Cultural Centre.

“Most people recall Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ and his hilarious dance in 2012 when they think of K-Pop. But when you look more into K-Pop and its subculture, the most popular artists are idol groups with each member having different talents and characters,” he added.

“These artists are often seen as examples that show the Korean people’s passion for seeking perfection throughout the process. Most K-Pop artists have more than six years of training before their official debut … In this way, the spirit of Korean people is naturally and subtly projected on the stage, and it also means authentic elements of Korean art and culture are fused in this modern genre,” he said, highlighting the dedication and strong work ethic Korean artists put into perfecting their craft for K-Pop.

Lee said that instructors would be coming from Korea for the six-week programme, with participants given both vocal and dancing lessons in K-Pop.

“During K-Pop Academy, students first start with taking a glimpse of various cultural aspects of Korea, both traditional and modern. Then, the vocal training begins, where students learn about vocal techniques, and pronunciation. At the end of two weeks of training, they are able to sing using the techniques of K-Pop professionals.

“The following two weeks are for K-Pop dance, which is famous for K-Pop artists’ perfectly synchronised group dance. The last week will be for final practice sessions based on what the participants have learnt during their vocal and dance trainings,” he added.

Lee also spoke on the growing popularity of K-Pop in the UAE, which, last year saw the region’s biggest K-Pop concert in the region.

“K-pop industry has been expanding outside of Korea every year, and it has reached the UAE as well growing gradually.

“There have been a few K-Pop concerts in the UAE since 2012 and they have always been full of K-Pop fans from the region. Last year, K-Con Abu Dhabi was held in Yas Island, which was the biggest K-Pop concert ever held in the region. The crowd was really big, and the fans in the UAE have kept requesting for other such K-Pop concerts,” he added.

K-Pop academy

When: September 23 — November 2

Where: Korean Cultural Centre, Abu Dhabi