Woman arrested for conning GCC national in Dubai

Police say ‘scam artist’ duped several men and extracted money from them

14:14 October 29, 2017

Dubai: Dubai Police have arrested woman who allegedly conned a GCC national by taking Dh80,000 to buy an apartment in Dubai.

Major-General Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police for Criminal Investigation Affairs, said the Arab woman met the victim while he was on a visit to Dubai and offered to buy a flat for him for Dh400,000.

“She told him that she would rent the flat and invest his money. She kept calling him when he returned to his home country and persuaded him to send Dh80,000. As soon as she received the money, she switched off her phones and disappeared,” Maj-Gen Al Mansouri said.

The man called the police asking for help, but he doesn’t know her nationality or anything about her.

Colonel Omar Mohammad Bin Hammad, Deputy Director of the Anti-Economic Crime Department, said the woman had asked the victim to wire the money to a different person.

“The money was wired to an Asian man who she compensated in exchange for using his name on the receipt. She was anonymous for us but we managed to solve the mystery and trace her,” Col. Bin Hammad said.

The police first arrested the Asian man, but he claimed that he had met her just once and didn’t know anything about her.

However, the police later spotted her trying to con another victim in Marina area in Dubai.

“We contacted the second victim and told him that she is a scam artist and he helped us set a trap for her and she was arrested. She is a resident of another emirate and has four complaints against her,” he added.

The woman was referred to Dubai Public Prosecution to complete the investigation.