Woman arrested after stealing cash, gold from relative’s apartment

Suspect arrested in record time after she stole Dh945,500 in cash and jewellery worth Dh150,000 from relative’s apartment

16:23 October 29, 2017

Photo: Ajman Police

Sharjah: An Asian woman was arrested in Sharjah after she reportedly stole money and valuables from her relative’s apartment in Ajman.

The woman ran away with a safe containing Dh945,500 and gold jewels worth Dh150,000 .

Major Ahmad Saeed Al Nuaimi, acting  director of the Criminal Investigation Department  at Ajman Police, said the apartment‘s owner, identified as M.S., lodged a complaint with Ajman police, saying that someone entered his house during his absence and stole his safe with its content.

Ajman police formed a team to track the suspect and arrested her.

Police received information from a watchman saying that an unidentified woman came by taxi and brought with her a safe.

The suspect allegedly kept the same at the entrance of the building then she went up to the apartment again, later she came down with a box covered with a piece of cloth.

Police investigations revealed that the woman was linked to the theft and she is a relative to the victim.

The suspect is from Afghan nationality, identified by the initials S.M.A.

Police arrested the woman in her apartment in Sharjah.

She told police that she knew about the absence of her relatives and planned for crime during his absence.

She told police that she intended to replace the safe of her relative with a new one but she failed to carry it up to the apartment due to its heavy weight — then she kept it in the entrance of the building.

The woman sought help from a cleaner of the building  to take down the safe of her relative from apartment to the taxi as she could not carry it.

She suspect confessed to her crime, said police.

The case was referred  to the Public Prosecution for further action.

Maj. Al Nuaimi  praised the efficiency and experience of the police and their efforts to arrest the culprit, calling on the members of the public to be cautious with valuables.

 The police also urged residents to report any person trying to commit any crime or other violations.

Ajman Police will be ready and will deal firmly with all those who think of disturbing the security of the homeland and the safety of citizens and residents.