UAQ cops save around 70 women from the clutches of cyber-extortionists

UAQ Police service Etmaen, which in means English ‘Reassure’ received 103 complaints in eight months

19:58 July 16, 2017

Umm Al Quwain:

The Umm Al Quwain police have saved around 70 women from the clutches of cyber-extortionists in the last eight months with the help of a new service called “Etmaen” which in English means “Reassure”. Most of the women were Emiratis, followed by Arabs and were in the age group of 20-25.

Umm Al Quwian Police have warned citizens and residents against disclosing any personal information and bank account details to anyone online, or through misleading online advertisements.

With the launch of the confidential service Etmaen — hotline number 0569990855 — Umm Al Quwain Police were able to curb the menance of cybercrime to a large extent. Victims can call the service anonymously round-the-clock. The service is available in Arabic and English to protect the society from organised crimes,blackmailing and extortion. The service has handled 103 complaints from 70 women and 32 men, aged between 20 and 25, police said

“This service and the awareness campaigns organised by police in schools, colleges and universities have played a great role in the decreasing the number of cybercrimes during the last period

According to police investigations, cyber-blackmailers use various methods to get personal information and data from the victims. These methods include communication through social media and extracting information from mobile phone shops (who have sent in their devices for repair).

The types of extortion include financial, sexual and emotional, police added. Most of the blackmailers are men and they are outside the country.

One of the victims was a person holding Ph.D degree who videotaped himself in the nude and posted his indecent video to his young ‘woman friend’ who turned out to be a man, who then started blackmailing him.

Extortion cases

Umm Al Quwian Police hotline Etmaen 0569990855 received 103 complaints in eight months

70 women falling prey to cyber blackmail and they were saved by UAQ Police

Victims aged between 20-25