Two runaway maids arrested at deserted farm in Sharjah

Police raided the farm after one of the women called operations room and claimed that she was held hostage

16:30 September 4, 2017

Sharjah: Sharjah Police have arrested two runaway part-time housemaids who were holed up at a deserted farm on the outskirts of Sharjah.

The maids ran away from their sponsors and stayed in Al Madam area with two men who helped the maids flee and then provided shelter to the women.

Police raided the place after one of the women called police operations room and claimed that she was locked up in a room and did not know the location.

Lieutenant Colonel Mohammad Hamad Al Tunaiji, Director of Criminal and Investigation Department at the Central Region Police, said they were able to find the location and arrest all four of the people in question.

Police investigation revealed that all of the suspects are illegal residents.

During questioning, police learnt that a financial dispute occurred between the maids and the men which prompted one of the maids to contact police and claim that she was kidnapped.

All four suspects have been referred to public prosecution for further action.

Colonel Harran Mubarak Al Jazaii, Director of the Central Region Police Department, confirmed that coordination is underway between the Central Region Police and the concerned authorities in order to tighten control over all the farms on the outskirts of the cities of the area.

He also called on farm owners to monitor their properties regularly and make sure it is not being used by illegal residents.

Police has warned all residents against hiring part-time housemaids due to the possibility of theft and other crimes that could be committed by them.

Many housemaids drop leaflets in apartments or villas that contain their contact numbers but people should refrain from employing them.

Most of the problems with housemaids involve absconding in general and thefts by part-time maids.

“These [part-time] maids are usually not on the sponsorship of the family and so when they do anything illegal, it is difficult to trace them as the employers know nothing about them,”

The public can report illegal residents to Sharjah Police on the toll-free number Najeed 800151 or 901.