Two journalists to be arrested for racial slurs

Prosecution urges people to avoid spreading on social media messages that harm society

Staff Report
15:51 December 27, 2017

Abu Dhabi: The Public Prosecution has ordered the arrest of two journalists from media organisations in Abu Dhabi for posting racial messages on a social media site, it was announced on Wednesday.

According to the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, the duo was charged with posting messages, including racial words and expressions considered a crime in the country. The journalists were also accused of misusing modern technologies for criminal purposes.

The Public Prosecution said the UAE has strict regulations to stop “activities that rip off the rich social fabric of the community”. The UAE’s laws are in place to protect the entire society, the prosecution said.

The prosecution has taken legal action to protect the society and on principles of respecting others, it said, adding that the journalists’ actions have an impact on their followers.

The prosecution urged people to avoid using social media platforms for spreading wrong messages that harm the society.

It also asked them to be very cautious when preparing, producing, publishing or sending any messages, indications, sketches, pictures or recordings whether they are visible, audible or readable, and to ensure that they do not harm the society and public order.

The prosecution has carried out awareness drives about the correct usage of social media sites as per the law and cautioned the people of legal action if the sites are misutilised.