Police net 17kg of heroin and nab five suspects

10kg of crystal meth also seized during raids

17:08 February 22, 2018

Dubai: Dubai Police have arrested five people accused of bringing 17.3kg of heroin and 10kg of crystal meth for trafficking in the country, police said on Thursday.

Major-General Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant Commander-in Chief for Criminal Investigation Affairs of Dubai Police, said police arrested the five suspects in a well-planned operation and seized the drugs.

“We received information about the first suspect and his partners. We located his home in an area in Sharjah and raided the place in cooperation with Sharjah Police. We arrested him and another suspect and found three bags containing 15kg of heroin and 2.6kg of crystal meth,” Maj-Gen Al Mansouri said.

The pair confessed and a third suspect who was living in Musaffah area in Abu Dhabi was also arrested. The third suspect confessed that he was getting the drugs from a drug dealer in their home country.

“They confessed that they were trading and promoting drugs inside the country,” Maj-Gen Al Mansouri said.

Meanwhile, the first suspect said that he had supplied a fourth suspect with drugs to smuggle them outside the country.

Police arrested the fourth suspect from Dubai Industrial Area 4. He told police that he had handed over the drugs to the fifth suspect to smuggle them abroad.

“Our officers arrested the fifth suspect who was in the same area. We found plastic bags inside his truck. We seized 2.3kg of heroin and 7.4kg of crystal meth. The total amount of drugs seized was 27.3kg,” Maj-Gen Al Mansouri added.

The five suspects have been referred to the Dubai Public Prosecution for further action.

He urged the public to call on 901 or email Dubai Police about anything related to drugs on