Ministry warns against WhatsApp fraud messages

These calls and messages are promoting opiate drugs and psychotropic substances, asking recipients to buy them

22:49 March 11, 2017

The Ministry of Interior warned the public against responding to fraudulent messages via WhatsApp and other social networking platforms.

The callers and message senders are promoting opiate drugs and psychotropic substances, asking recipients to buy these drugs and transfer money.

The warning came after the ministry had noticed recently that some residents received random calls and messages via WhatsApp from unknown sources from international numbers, some of which messages from Pakistan.

Colonel Saeed Al Suwaidi, Director General of Anti-Narcotics Federal Directorate at the ministry, said these messages were monitored and tracked down to identify their senders in collaboration with the counterpart security services in Pakistan.

He said contacts and coordination are underway with counterpart bodies in other countries to track and follow all forms of fake calls to unearth those who stand behind them.

The WhatsApp fraud messages contain pictures of opiate drugs and ask users to transfer money in what can be described as a fraud to swindle people out of their money.

Col. Al Suwaidi said the ministry said it is confident of the public awareness and understanding of the danger of responding and dealing with calls from anonymous and unreliable sources.

He stressed that these suspicious calls and malicious messages are just fraudulent means to misappropriate other people's money. Col. Al Suwaidi urged the public to call 80044 to report suspicious numbers or people who are carrying out illegal activities