Man sentenced to 10–year imprisonment for joining Daesh

Federal Appeals Court imprisons four others for different terms in security cases

Abdulla Rasheed, Abu Dhabi Editor
16:15 March 15, 2017

Abu Dhabi: The Federal Appeals Court on Wednesday sentenced an Emirati man, M.S.A., to ten-year imprisonment for joining Daesh in Syria. The court also ordered to confiscate the equipment such as computers and telephones used by the convict in his criminal activities.

In a separate case, a Jordanian man, T.H.N, was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment following deportation for insulting the UAE, its leadership and high-ranking officials on social media. The court ordered him to pay Dh500,000 in fine. His electronic equipment like computers will be confiscated and his social media accounts closed down.

The third verdict by the court imprisoned an Emirati man, S.A.S., for joining Ahrar Al Sham, a terrorist organisation in Syria. He was convicted of joining the terrorist organisation’s campaigns and training camps.

In the fourth case, an Emiarti man, A.S.K., was imprisoned for 18 months for possessing a weapon without a licence.

The fifth verdict sentenced a Sudanese man, A.A.A., to two years in prison followed by deportation for creating a social media account to insult the UAE and its foreign policy.

In the sixth case, a Pakistani man, A.B.A., was jailed for two years for creating a social media account to promote Daesh and Al Qaida.

The seventh verdict ordered an Emirati man, A.K.A., to join counselling sessions conducted by the Ministry of Interior as he had sympathised with some terrorists’ ideas. He is banned from travelling abroad for six months.

The Federal Appeals Court also reviewed 12 other cases and adjourned them for further hearing on April 12. Three cases are related to people who were accused of bringing weapons to the UAE illegally. The fourth case is against three people who are accused of smuggling weapons from the UAE to Iran. Six other cases involve people of different nationalities who were accused of taking pictures of sensitive places in the UAE. Two other cases are cybercrimes.