Jobless man held for deceiving women job seekers

The 28-year-old was found luring women on social media promising them jobs

Staff Report
17:37 January 31, 2018

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Police have arrested a jobless Arab national who has been deceiving women job seekers through social networking sites, the police said on Wednesday.

The 28-year-old man was found luring women with his elegant look.

Brigadier Tarek Khalfan Al Ghol, director of the Directorate of Criminal Investigation of Abu Dhabi Police, said, “The police arrested the unemployed man after receiving information from the anti-cybercrime section of the CID.”

The investigation revealed that the person did not work in the company he had claimed to the women to be working and the fraudster had started meeting with them, Al Ghol said. The police cautioned jobseekers to not fall prey to the tricksters and investigate about the person and the workplace.

Fraudsters claim that they could get the women employed through their influential personal relationships, and the women agree to pay money, even by borrowing, so that they could get the job, Al Ghol said.

The police asked people to report if they came across any such cases so that the police could protect them and others before they fell into the trap of these tricksters.

The policed noted that many women initially feel frightened about reporting such cases to the police. This emboldens the fraudsters to take advantage and go on cheating more people, the police said.