Hearing in child’s murder case from August 8

Azan was found dead on rooftop of his residential building in June

Staff Report
17:10 August 5, 2017

Abu Dhabi: The first hearing in the case of an 11-year-old boy who was raped and brutally killed in June, will be held on August 8 at the Abu Dhabi criminal court.

After investigation, the public prosecution referred the killer to the court and demanded the death penalty and asserted that he should be convicted on all charges.

In a statement issued on Saturday, the public prosecution said the heinous crime by a relative had shocked the entire UAE community.

In their documents to the court, the public prosecution accused the suspect of raping and killing the child.

The accused was also found guilty of tying a rope around the boy’s neck and strangling him to death.

But he denied charges of wearing women’s clothes and breaching traffic rules.

According to the Abu Dhabi Police, the body of Azan Majid Janjua, was found on the rooftop of his residential building after he was raped and murdered.

The police arrested the Pakistani man who confessed raping the victim and strangling him to death.

The boy’s father is a Pakistani and mother a Russian. The mother, used to visit the UAE to meet his son.

Azan’s father, Dr Majid Janjua had said that Azan was fasting and had gone to the mosque for afternoon prayers and Quran recitation before he went missing. His body had been found next day.

Attorney General of Abu Dhabi, Ali Mohammad Al Beloushi said, the case has been handled very quickly and effectively. He hoped it will give some solace to the child’s family and the community.

The prosecution is confident about the evidences and confessions being produced before the court, he said.

As per the society’s representative to the court, the prosecution is committed to ensure justice to the child’s family that may help overcome their grief, Al Beloushi said.

This will also strengthen community’s confidence in police, security, prosecution and courts, he said.

The public prosecution said the crimes committed by accused are punishable by death under the Sharia and Federal Penal Code.