Gold smugglers caught at Sharjah airport

Asian expats caught concealing gold biscuits in mobile phone cover to escape tax

18:53 November 11, 2013

Sharjah: Two Asian expatriates were arrested at Sharjah International Airport on their attempt to smuggle out gold biscuits. The two were nabbed by the customs officers at the airport on their way out of the country. The accused were heading to India according to an official spokesperson from Sharjah Police.

The arrest was made for failing to declare the consignment of gold to the airport authorities.

The police alleged that the two suspects tried to cheat the airport authorities by concealing the contraband in the plastic covers of their phones.

Police investigations revealed that the two suspects were working for a goldsmith owner in their home country. They said the goldsmith promised to give them a fixed amount of money on each smuggle.

They allegedly admitted to the police that the owner of the store sent them the money required to buy the gold.

Their role was to buy the gold as per the required weight and specifications in looking for the gold pieces according to the specifications required. The plan was to smuggle the gold into their home country using fraudulent methods to escape taxes payments in India.

The two suspects told authorities that they had purchased a number of gold pieces and managed to take them out of the state via one of the state airports using the same method.

Sharjah Police warned residents and visitors not to take part in such illegal activities which contravene the government laws of their countries.

Sharjah Police also urged all community members to cooperate with the security agencies and report any suspicious acts or crimes on 999 or 06 5632222 or the toll-free number Najeedt 800 151 or via SMS on 7999 or