4.2m banned drug capsules confiscated in Abu Dhabi

Suspects hid capsules under a huge quantity of agriculture seeds at a farm

Anwar Ahmad, Staff Reporter
15:15 September 2, 2017
4.2m banned drug capsules confiscated in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Police have arrested two Arab nationals and confiscated 4.2 million drug capsules from their possession, an officer said on Saturday. 

The suspects hid these capsules under a huge quantity of agriculture seeds at a farm in the country. 

Major General  Maktoum Ali Al Shareifi, Director General of Abu Dhabi Police, said the anti-narcotics department of the police acted on a tip off and confiscated these capsules from the farm and arrested the culprits. 

“The police received an information from its secret sources which said that two Arab nationals who are staying in one of Emirate of the country possess huge quantity of Captagon capsules, a banned drug in the UAE, and were intending to trade and promote it,” said Major General  Al Shareifi. 

The police followed their movement and its investigation department confirmed their motives of peddling the poisonous substance. The police also coordinated with the Federal teams of anti-narcotics department of the Ministry of Interior, he said. 

Two teams were formed to bust the racket and arrest the suspects. After their arrest, the suspect confessed to the crime and hiding larger quantity in a farm, the police said.  

They buried the capsules in the sand and under agricultural seeds, he said. 

The suspects were referred to a specialised unit with the confiscated drugs for further legal action. 

Abu Dhabi Police has urged the public to cooperate with the police in tracking down such crimes in the society and to better protect the community from such criminal activities. 

People can reach to the police through its online service, ‘Aman’ around the clock or they can contact on 8002626 or text a message at 2828.