22-year-old stabs teen friend to death for insulting family

Suspect was enraged when teen refused to give the reason for insulting his family on phone

19:34 January 25, 2018

Dubai: A 22-year-old man stabbed a teenager to death after the latter allegedly insulted the man’s family before turning himself in to police at the Al Ghusais station in Dubai.

The 22-year-old Emirati man stabbed the 16-year-old, who the suspect said was his friend, with a knife several times. The incident occurred on Monday night in the Oud Al Muteena area.

Dubai Police said before the murder, the Emirati teen had spoken to the suspect over the phone and insulted his family.

The suspect told the police that the teen hung up the phone without an explanation for the insults.

“The suspect called the teenager back and asked the latter to meet him near a supermarket in their neighbourhood the same day. When they met, the suspect asked the teenager why he had insulted the former’s family. When the teenager refused to speak, it enraged the suspect who stabbed the teen repeatedly,” a police officer said.

Gulf News learnt that the suspect had taken a knife to the meeting. He initially brandished the knife merely to threaten the teen but when the latter remained silent in the face of questioning, the suspect became enraged and stabbed him. The sight of some cars stopping near them scared the suspect, who then ran away.

Witnesses called the police and an ambulance was taking the victim to Rashid Hospital when he died.

An hour later, the suspect walked into Al Ghusais police station, confessing that he had killed his friend.

The suspect claimed that he had not intended to kill his friend but only wanted to teach him a lesson.

Medical report obtained by Gulf News showed the victim died of bleeding from stab wounds on his head, hands, arms, shoulders and legs.

The suspect has been referred to Dubai Public Prosecution to complete the investigation.