Woman courts trouble by walking into police station drunk

Woman tells court she was at friends’ party when she went to report her phone went missing

18:11 February 15, 2017

Dubai: A drunken woman walked into trouble as she entered a police station to complain that she had lost her mobile phone.

The Ukrainian woman in her 30s was said to have been partying and drinking alcohol with friends in Bur Dubai when she lost her mobile phone in December. When police officers realised that she had been drinking, the woman was referred to the Dubai Public Prosecution where she admitted that she had consumed liquor.

Prosecutors accused her of drinking and referred her to the Dubai Misdemeanours Court where she appeared on Wednesday.

Pleading guilty and explaining what happened to her, the defendant contended before presiding judge Dr Majdi Mahmoud: “I was partying with friends and we had been drinking alcohol. That night I lost my mobile ... I wasn’t aware if it had been lost or stolen. So I left the party and went to complain at the police station. I was under the influence of alcohol when I went there.”

Presiding judge Dr Mahmoud then asked the policewomen present in courtroom 11 to keep the woman seated at the rear bench until handing out a judgement towards the end of the hearing.

Later, the court fined the Ukrainian woman Dh2,000.

Wednesday’s judgement remains subject to appeal within 15 days.