Two suspects crash into police car in bid to escape

Dubai Police charge them with resisting arrest apart from drug charges

16:01 January 8, 2018

Dubai: Two suspects caught with prohibited substances got into further trouble when they crashed into a police patrol car while trying to escape.

They now have ‘resisting arrest’ added to the charges against them.

The two Emirati men, aged 44 and 20, were arrested in Dubai’s Al Quoz area in October last year, a Dubai Court of First Instance heard on Sunday.

A 25-year-old Emirati officer in Dubai Police’s Anti-Narcotics Department, told the court that they were tipped off about an Emirati man possessing and selling illegal painkillers in the emirate.

“We laid a trap. When the two suspects arrived in their vehicle, we surrounded them, but the driver crashed into a police patrol in trying to escape. He refused to open the doors, but we broke the windshield and arrested them,” the officer said.

Dubai Police found a red box inside the car. It contained two injections and three pills of a banned painkiller.

The pair were taken to Dubai Police headquarters for investigation where they denied knowledge about the drugs.

“The first suspect refused to give us a urine sample,” the officer added.

Both suspects were charged with resisting arrest. One was charged with possessing illegal painkiller and refuse to give a urine sample. He denied all charges.

The second suspect was charged with drug consumption and admitted to the crime.

The next hearing is on January 21.