Trio to serve a year in jail for kidnap, assault

Found guilty of forcing businessman to sign cheques for Dh400,000

16:18 September 6, 2017


The Dubai Court of Appeal upheld the one-year jail sentence given to three men who kidnapped, assaulted and robbed a businessman before forcing him to write cheques worth Dh400,000.

According to records, the 48-year-old Indian defendant called the 42-year-old Indian businessman on August 23 last year to ask for help to pay for his wife’s treatment.

“He told me that he needed money to pay for his wife’s treatment and I agreed to help. I met him at a cafe in Al Rigga area to give him the money,” said the Indian businessman.

When he met the man, the other two defendants restrained him and pushed him into a vehicle before assaulting him.

They asked the businessman to write two cheques worth Dh400,000.

“I told them I didn’t have my chequebook with me, but they forced me to call my wife and have her prepare two cheques for two of them to pick up,” added the businessman.

The 37-year-old Indian and a Bangladeshi, 35, then went to the businessman’s house to collect the cheques.

“I received a call from my husband who told me to prepare two cheques and that two men would come to take them. I gave the cheques to the two men,” the 37-year-old businessman’s wife told the police.

The three men forced him to sign on the two cheques before assaulting him again and stole Dh400 and an expensive watch he had on his person.

He then informed Dubai Police and the trio were arrested and confessed to charges of confinement and theft.

However, they later denied the charges in court, but the Dubai Court of First Instance sentenced them to a year in jail to be followed by deportation after serving their term.