Tailor on trial for villa heist

Accused and two accomplices charged with stealing valuables and jewellery worth Dh70,000

15:25 April 16, 2018

Dubai: A tailor and two accomplices have been accused of breaking into a villa in Dubai and stealing Dh70,000 worth of jewellery and valuables that they sold in Sharjah, a court heard on Monday.

The robbery happened in a villa in Jumeirah at 2am in February 2017.

The villa’s occupants were reportedly sleeping when the thieves scaled the wall, used a screwdriver to break open the back door and stole the valuables.

Primary interrogations revealed that a 33-year-old Pakistani tailor and his two countrymen, who remain at large, had been apprehended in Sharjah for a series of heists using the same modus operandi.

The tailor was handed over to Dubai Police after his fingerprints matched those lifted from the villa in Jumeirah.

According to the charge-sheet, prosecutors accused the defendants of stealing a wristwatch worth Dh45,000, Dh25,000 worth of gold accessories and various jewellery items.

Jail wardens did not produce the tailor before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Monday where he was scheduled to enter his plea.

A police corporal told prosecutors that the accused was referred from Sharjah Police to Dubai Police.

“The 33-year-old was detained in Sharjah for having committed robberies. During questioning, he claimed that they broke the backside door with a screwdriver and stole the valuables and jewellery. Then they sold the stolen items in Sharjah. He also said that they committed several other heists in the same area,” he said.

Presiding judge Urfan Omar adjourned the hearing to May 3 when the accused will be brought from his detention and presented in court.