Mother, daughter jailed for bid to foil son’s arrest

73-year-old defendant and her daughter insulted, assaulted drug officers while arresting son

18:29 November 12, 2017

Dubai — A 73-year-old mother and her daughter were jailed and fined Dh20,000 each for assaulting and insulting drug officers who raided their home to arrest the 73-year-old’s son.

A drug enforcement team had obtained prosecutors’ permission to apprehend an Emirati man from his house in Al Barsha when the 73-year-old mother and her two daughters tried to foil the bid to arrest the wanted man in November 2015.

On Sunday, the Dubai Court of First Instance jailed the 73-year-old mother for five years and her 38-year-old daughter for three years for assaulting and insulting anti-narcotics policemen during the raid on their villa to apprehend the son, who was wanted on drug-related charges.

Presiding judge Mohammad Jamal also fined each of the defendants Dh20,000.

According to Sunday’s ruling, a 31-year-old daughter was acquitted of aiding and abetting her mother and sister in the crime against the drug enforcement officers [two policemen and a policewomen].

The mother and her two daughters pleaded not guilty and denied offending or assaulting the victims.

An anti-narcotics policeman said that they presented the prosecutors’ warrant to one of the sisters when they went to apprehend the man.

“The sister loudly informed her family inside that police had arrived and to they put on their headscarves. The mother came out and she shouted. She beat me in the face. Meanwhile, we spotted the wanted man trying to flee but we stopped him. When we went into the house to search it, the women shouted and prevented us from doing out duty. The mother and one of the sisters abused us … they said that they would complain that we had raided their residence while they did not have their head-cover on,” he testified.

A policewoman said the 73-year-old mother and two sisters abused them and assaulted her partners during the raid.

The convicted mother and daughter have already appealed the primary judgements.