Man strips coworker nude and films him in act of revenge

Suspect tells court his wife divorced him after coworker sent her images of him with another woman

17:13 December 26, 2017

Dubai: An employee has been accused of undressing his co-worker and filming him naked before flatmates and then threatened to post the image on social media, a court heard on Tuesday.

The 32-year-old Indian restaurant employee was said to have been divorced by his wife, who had allegedly received images of him with a female co-worker in a compromising posture, in September.

Records said following the incident, the 32-year-old stormed angrily into the flat that he shared with other persons, employed by the same restaurant, at Jumeirah Village.

Walking straight towards his 31-year-old countryman co-worker, the employee accused the latter of forwarding his images with the female colleague to the restaurant’s business partners and his wife.

The co-worker denied the accusation, but the 31-year-old beat him up and stripped him naked and filmed him with his mobile phone in front of other flatmates.

Then, the 32-year-old threatened his co-worker that he would post the nude images on social media if he reported him to the police.

The co-worker then dressed up and headed to the nearest police station where he lodged a criminal complaint against the employee. Police apprehended the 32-year-old employee.

Prosecutors accused the suspect of molesting his co-worker by stripping him naked in front of flatmates and of threatening to shame him by posting the nude images on social media if he reported him to the police.

The suspect pleaded guilty and admitted that he stripped his co-worker naked when he appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Tuesday.

“I molested him and undressed him in the flat … but I did not threaten to shame him or warn him not to call the police. I just told him that I would do the same thing that he did to my family. I have lost my wife because of the images that he [complainant] sent to her … we got divorced,” argued the suspect before presiding judge Mohammad Jamal.

The suspect also handed the court a copy of his divorce papers in India.

The 31-year-old co-worker claimed to prosecutors that the suspect stormed into the flat at 1.30am and walked towards him.

“He accused me that I had filmed him in an indecent situation with our female colleague and forwarded those images to the managers and his wife. I told him that I did not do that. He did not believe me and beat me. Then he removed my dress and made me naked in front of other flatmates … he then filmed me naked and threatened to post those images on social media if I reported him to the police,” he testified to prosecutors.

The suspect was cited as admitting to prosecutors that he filmed the co-worker naked and threatened him but he did not carry out his threat.

A ruling will be heard on February 11.