Man denies assaulting and cursing police sergeant at metro station

Suspect also denies cursing sergeant and offending him verbally at police office

15:21 December 6, 2017

Dubai: An accountant has been accused of assaulting and cursing a sergeant who stopped him at a metro station and asked him to accompany him to a police office, a court heard on Wednesday.

The police sergeant and his partner were said to be on duty at a Dubai Metro station when they suspected the 24-year-old Jordanian accountant and asked him for his identification papers in February.

The Jordanian presented his Emirates ID to the sergeant and his partner, according to records, before he was asked to accompany them to the police office at the metro station.

Refusing to comply and escort them to the police office, the accountant told the policemen that he was in a rush, asked them to keep his Emirates ID with them and that he would show up later.

Not waiting for an answer, the Jordanian turned his back wanting to walk away before the sergeant grabbed him from his arm and asked him to comply.

The man resisted a bit and tried to avoid being taken to the office before the policemen showed him the way and insisted on him to go with them.

Once they reached the door of the police office, the sergeant gave way to the Jordanian and put his hand on his back in an attempt to give him way to enter the office.

The 24-year-old suddenly turned around and shouted at the sergeant asking him not to touch or push him in an obvious bid to create a scene.

Records said the Jordanian also pushed the sergeant in his chest and grabbed his neck before other policemen intervened quickly and stopped the accountant.

The policemen pinned the Jordanian down on the floor and handcuffed him immediately.

Prosecutors charged the suspect with physically assaulting a sergeant and cursing him.

The suspect pleaded not guilty when he appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Wednesday.

He told presiding judge Fahd Al Shamsi that he didn’t touch or curse the sergeant.

He also questioned the source of the medical report that was submitted in the case file to confirm that the sergeant had sustained injuries.

The sergeant testified to prosecutors that the incident happened shortly after they had stopped the suspect at the metro station and asked him for his identification papers.

“We suspected him and asked him for an ID … he gave us his Emirates ID and said he was in a rush and cannot accompany us to the police office. When I tried to stop him from leaving, he turned physically violent with me. He caused me injuries. He also cursed me and offended me when he asked who had hired me and pointed at a garbage bin close by … he also told me ‘that [garbage bin] is your level’. Then he was taken into custody,” he claimed to prosecutors.

A ruling will be heard later this month.