Man assaulted 2 sisters at nightclub

Suspect was drunk when he indulged in brawl with sisters, and insulted them using profane language

17:34 November 12, 2017


A man has been accused of using profane language at a nightclub, swearing at them and offending two sisters while he was intoxicated, a court heard on Sunday. The two Lebanese sisters were at a nightclub when one of them had a heated argument with another female clubber at 3am in April.

Stuck in the middle of the intense argument with the other clubber, the 29-year-old Lebanese man hit his 34-year-old countrywoman on her arm, according to records.

The woman tried to push him away from her, and when the man tried to assault her a second time, other clubbers intervened and stopped him, said records.

Amid all the action, the two Lebanese sisters overheard the Lebanese man cursing them and using blasphemous language.

Police were summoned to the location, but the 29-year-old had already disappeared.

Police called him several times, but he did not respond.

A month later, the suspect was apprehended at the same nightclub and brought in for investigations.

Prosecutors accused the Lebanese suspect of using profane language, assaulting and abusing the sisters and drinking liquor.

The suspect was present before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Sunday, but presiding judge Mohammad Jamal did not level the charges against him.

“The court will refer the case back to the Public Prosecution to issue a modified accusation sheet and in which prosecutors should specify the exact curse words,” said presiding judge Jamal.

One of the sisters was spotted approaching the bench of judges to present a waiver before the presiding judge asked her to return on December 5.

The 34-year-old sister testified that the suspect assaulted and cursed her while she was involved in a heated argument with another clubber sitting beside them.

“He rushed from the back and hit me … he tried to beat me again when I pushed him away. However, other clubbers stopped him. My sister and I heard him abusing us and committing blasphemy as well. Then we reported the matter to the police,” she told the prosecutors.

A police corporal told prosecutors that the suspect was apprehended a month after the incident.

“During questioning, the suspect claimed that he worked in the nightclub and when he spotted the sisters fighting with the other female clubber, he intervened to stop the fight. He claimed that when the sisters cursed him, he abused them back and then asked the security to kick them out of the nightclub,” the corporal testified to prosecutors.