Indian worker sends offensive email to RTA after failing driving test

Suspect emailed RTA saying it rips off the poor by intentionally failing them in driving test

15:09 November 12, 2017

Dubai — A worker has been accused of mocking the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) via an offensive email in which he alleged that the transport body rips off the poor, heard a court on Sunday.

The RTA received an email that was deemed as insulting and offensive as the sender was reported to have claimed that the authority takes ‘poor people’s money by making them intentionally fail in driving tests and forcing them to repeat the tests’.

The concerned department at the RTA instantly took legal action against the man for sending that offensive email and reported it to Dubai Police.

Primary interrogations revealed that the email had been sent from the personal email address of a 25-year-old Indian worker, who was arrested in April.

Prosecutors accused the Indian suspect of mocking and offending a government department via the email which he sent using his smart phone.

According to the accusation sheet, prosecutors said the suspect breached the cybercrime law and misused the email in which he ridiculed RTA by mentioning that RTA rips off the poor by intentionally failing them in driving tests and forcing them to repeat those tests.

In the email, the suspect further alleged that he was a victim himself, according to the accusation sheet, and that the RTA takes the money from the poor, who work very hard, and that the authority manipulates their emotions.

On Sunday, when the 25-year-old suspect appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance, he pleaded not guilty.

When presiding judge Mohammad Jamal read out the accusations against the suspect via the court translator, the suspect said: “I am not guilty … I was under frustration.”

Meanwhile, the suspect’s lawyer asked presiding judge Jamal to adjourn the case until he studies the case file and prepares his defence argument.

The suspect handed over a translated document to the judge, who passed it on to the lawyer to include it as part of his defence.

An RTA official testified to prosecutors that they reported the matter to the police because the email contained offensive and bad language.

The email contained phrases and words that were deemed offensive and maligning to the RTA staff, the official told the prosecutors.

The suspect was cited as admitting to prosecutors that he sent the email that contained bad and offensive language from his iPhone.

The prosecutors also provided the court with a copy of the email to be used as evidence against the suspect and asked for the implementation of the toughest punishment applicable.

The court will; reconvene on December 5.