Girl play-acts to show how she was groped

Police get 8-year-old to demonstrate on doll how her mother’s company driver abused her sexually

17:23 February 5, 2018

Dubai — An eight-year-old girl was put inside a special playroom for children to reveal to Dubai Police interrogators how her mother’s company driver had abused her sexually.

The eight-year-old Singaporean girl was said to have revealed to her mother shortly before bedtime how the 35-year-old Bangladeshi driver had hugged, kissed and touched her private parts in December.

The hysterical mother complained to the police about the driver’s alleged behaviour with her daughter.

Police officers calmed the mother down and took the girl to a special playroom where she acted out on a doll what the driver had done to her, according to the records.

In this manner, the girl revealed to the interrogator how the driver had allegedly groped her private parts, hugged and kissed her and how he coerced her to touch him.

Police apprehended the 35-year-old driver within 45 minutes.

Prosecutors charged the Bangladeshi suspect with molesting the minor girl.

When he showed up before the Dubai Court of First Instance, he pleaded not guilty and refuted the charges.

He contended before the presiding judge that he gave the girl a ‘fatherly kiss’ while they were taking photos in front of the girl’s aunt.

The mother testified to prosecutors that her daughter told her what had allegedly happened to her at bedtime.

“My girl told me that she wanted to tell me an important secret. I was shocked at what I had heard from her … she begged me not to tell the suspect what she had told me. She said that when I went to get lunch, the suspect took her to the company’s canteen and molested her. She told me that he did something indecent to her and made her touch him,” she told prosecutors.

A police officer testified to prosecutors that the girl was put in a special playroom where she revealed how the suspect had allegedly abused her sexually.

A ruling will be heard on February 20.