Driver accused of murderous attack on coworker

Suspect pleads guilty to stabbing colleague after getting into a fight with him

17:56 March 19, 2017

Dubai: A driver has been accused of causing his co-worker’s death after he attacked him with a knife following a heated argument at a construction site.

The 38-year-old Bangladeshi driver was said to have engaged in a heated argument with his Indian co-worker in November when the latter started beating him up with a piece of wood. The driver then pulled out the knife and stabbed the victim, who succumbed to his injuries the next day in hospital despite several operations being conducted in a bid to save his life.

Prosecutors accused the suspect of assaulting the victim and causing his death.

The suspect pleaded guilty to the attack when he appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Sunday.

A police lieutenant testified before prosecutors that Dubai Police’s operation room was informed about a stabbing incident at a construction site in Al Rashidiya.

“A police patrol was dispatched to the location. On-site investigations revealed that the suspect and the victim had assaulted one another following a heated argument. Their co-workers stopped the fight the first time but later the two men fought again. Witnesses said that the victim battered the suspect with a piece of wood before the 38-year-old retaliated by stabbing him with a knife. Following his arrest, the suspect admitted that he assaulted the victim,” the officer testified.

The trial continues.