Businessman, 2 sons tortured jeweller for embezzling gold

Suspects deny locking up jeweller who worked in their store, and beating him up

18:38 March 20, 2017

Dubai: A businessman and his two sons have been accused of confining a jeweller who worked for them, in their store where they tortured him physically and stubbed out cigarettes on his face.

The 65-year-old Indian businessman and his two sons were said to have locked their countryman jeweller inside their store in Naif where they repeatedly beat and tortured him after accused him of embezzling gold in January.

Then the trio took the jeweller in their car, according to records, to Sharjah and continued beating and torturing him in the vehicle and also stubbed out a cigarette in his face.

The men were also believed to have starved the jeweller for around 24 hours, said records.

Prosecutors accused the father and his sons of confining the jeweller inside their store where they beat and tortured him and kept him unfed.

The three suspect’s pleaded not guilty and refuted the accusations when they defended themselves before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Monday.

The jeweller testified to prosecutors that the trio locked him up inside the workplace where they beat him with their hands and a wooden bar.

“They repeatedly accused me of embezzling gold and selling it as well. They locked me up in the store for a whole day, during which they tortured me and forced me to continue working as well. I repeatedly denied their accusations that I had taken the gold or sold it. In the evening they took me by car to Sharjah … they also beat me. One of them stubbed out a cigarette in my face. I fell asleep in the car due to the long and painful hours of physical abuse. They only allowed me to eat at 3pm the next day,” the jeweller claimed to prosecutors.

Records did not mention how or when the jeweller reported the matter to the police.

The trial continues.