Israel minister plans Trump train station at Al Buraq Wall

Train proposal will likely face global opposition as Israeli sovereignty over east Jerusalem is not recognised

Gulf News Report
15:55 December 27, 2017

Occupied Jerusalem: Israel’s transportation minister is pushing ahead with a plan to extend Occupied Jerusalem’s soon-to-open high speed rail line to Al Buraq Wall, where he wants to name a future station after President Donald Trump.

Yisrael Katz’s plan, currently in the initial planning stage, involves constructing two underground stations and excavating over3 kilometres of tunnel beneath downtown Occupied Jerusalem and under the politically and historically sensitive Old City.

Transportation Ministry spokesman Avner Ovadia said Wednesday the project is estimated to cost more than $700 million and, if approved, would take four years to complete.

He proposed naming the future station after Trump “for his brave and historic decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital” earlier this month.

Trump’s announcement has enraged the Palestinians and much of the world. The United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution last week rejecting the US move, with several traditional American allies voting in favor of the motion.

The train proposal will likely face opposition from the international community, which doesn’t recognise Israeli sovereignty over east Jerusalem and the Old City, which Israel captured and occupied in the 1967 war and later annexed.

Al Buraq wall, is part of the holy Muslim shrine Al Haram Al Sharif, where Muslim’s believe the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) tied his flying horse when he flew from Saudi Arabia to Jerusalem.

However, after Israel’s occupation of Jerusalem in 1967, Israel annexed the wall, calling it “The Western Wall” or the “Wailing Wall”.

Al Haram Al Sharif, the third holiest site in Islam, was built on top of the ancient remnants of the Temple Mount, a site sacred in Judaism which destroyed in the 4th century by the Romans, during their rule.

The Al Haram Al Sharif site houses both Al Aqsa Mosque, which was originally commissioned to be built under Omar, the second Caliph in Islam in the 7th century, and the Dome of the Rock which houses the rock from which Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) ascended to heaven, according to Islamic teachings.