Ten most popular Region stories in 2012

The Palestinian inmate who sneaked out a sperm to his wife and other most read stories from the region

Staff Report
18:30 December 30, 2012

1 Palestinian inmate sneaks out sperm to impregnate wife

Baby boy is "dream come true" for couple after Palestinian sneaks out sperm sample for wife. Read full story

2 Iraqi farmer marries two women in one night 

Abdul Rahman Nayef Al Obaidi, a 22-year-old Iraqi farmer, fell in love with two women, but instead of choosing between them, he married both in one night in a small village in central Iraq. Read full story

3 Palestinian labourers 'sexually harassed' in Israel

Latest study reveals that 77 per cent of the Palestinian labourers in Israel had been subject to sexual harassment by Israeli women. Read full story

4 Early marriage harmful for women

In the Palestinian Territories, local Sharia courts allow women aged 15 or younger to marry. Read full story

6 Q&A on the anti-Islamic movie

What began as a low-budget film has now caused global destruction. Read full story

7 Was Gaddafi shot dead on Sarkozy's orders?

British daily says French agent infiltrated violent mob and shot Libya’s former dictator Muammar Gaddafi in the head. Read full story

8 Doctors protest court-ordered virginity tests in Iraq

If a man thinks his new wife is not a virgin, he may take the issue to court, leading to a virginity test. Read full story   

9 Iran warns Gulf states not to make up for oil ban

Iran has warned its Gulf neighbours to not step in to make up for any shortfall in its oil exports under new Western sanctions, according to comments by its OPEC representative. Read full story

10  Women groped and molested at Tahrir square rally

Men wade into group marching against sexual harrassment, groping and molesting them in Tahrir Square. Read full story