Mauritanian diplomat commits suicide

Man sprayed his body with petrol before setting it alight after his brother died

15:03 July 27, 2012

NOUAKCHOTT: A Mauritanian diplomat died after setting himself alight on Wednesday night, an act apparently linked to the recent death of his younger brother, a security source told AFP on Thursday.

“The man sprayed his whole body with petrol before setting it alight, the fire completely consumed him in the street despite efforts of passers-by to save him,” the security source said on condition of anonymity.

A member of the man’s family quoted in local media said he had been posted in Kuwait as a diplomat, but returned recently after his younger brother died, which “affected him a great deal.”

He had several times stated that he planned to set himself ablaze, but “nobody believed him due to his age (50) and his behaviour as a good Muslim,” said the same source.