Profile of Dr Dabbagh

Dr Dabbagh was born in Karbala on July 18, 1955

11:53 June 28, 2012

Dr Ali Mehdi Jawad Al Dabbagh was born in Karbala on July 18, 1955.

Fluent in English, French, Persian, and Urdu, Al Dabbagh obtained his Bachelors in Civil Engineering in 1977 from the University of Baghdad, where he also obtained his Masters in Environmental Pollution. 1983, he studied his PhD in the UK, in Business Administration-2003

Dr Al Dabbagh also has 30 years’ experience in development and management of contracting and trading companies in the UAE, Europe, Canada, Japan and the Far East where he ran his own business. He has also held several governmental positions. Outside of his responsibilities as the Iraqi Government’s Spokesman, Dr Al Dabbagh is a human rights activist, politician and researcher.