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Hadi praises sweeping coalition victories

Liberation of Al Houthi-held areas happened through sacrifices, president tells army chief

Staff Report
16:09 December 31, 2017

Yemen’s President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi has praised the sweeping victories achieved by the Saudi-led coalition against the pro-Iran Al Houthi militias, Saudi media reported.

He also commended the role being played by the Arab coalition to support the legitimacy in Yemen.

During a telephone call with Yemeni Army Chief of Staff Major General Tahir Al Aqili, Hadi hailed the “true and honourable” stance of the Arab coalition vis-a-vis the Yemeni people in such dark circumstances.

He also referred to the coalition’s victories made in Naham and Al Jouf, where its forces made sacrifices to liberate these areas from the grip of Al Houthis.