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Man’s Saudi citizenship revoked after fraud unearthed

Citizenship is usually also withdrawn from those who helped such an individual to obtain it

14:01 January 7, 2018
REG 180107 Saudi passport - Sabq

Manama: Authorities in Saudi Arabia have revoked the Saudi citizenship of an individual after it was discovered that he had obtained it fraudulently.

The General Directorate for Civil Affairs said Rakan Ali Ahmad Othman was stripped of the Saudi citizenship following a ministerial decision.

According to the statement carried by Saudi news site Sabq, he obtained the citizenship six years ago.

“He obtained the identity card in an illegal manner and therefore all subsequent documents have been cancelled,” the statement said without elaborating about how the fraud was discovered.

Under the provisions of the Saudi Arabian Citizenship System, nationality may be revoked from any naturalised individual if it is obtained through false statements, cheating, false witnesses, error or forgery of documents submitted for the acquisition of Saudi nationality.

If the Saudi citizenship is revoked from a naturalised individual, it is usually also withdrawn from any other naturalised individuals who helped them obtain it.

Other instances in which the Saudi citizenship may be withdrawn from a naturalised individual include being sentenced to prison for more than one year and being involved in, carrying out or contributing to an act to disrupt public order.