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Job-seekers from Sri Lanka expected in Qatar

Sri Lankans turn to Qatar after Saudi Arabia's decision to stop employing them

15:02 October 6, 2010

Manama: Job-seekers from Sri Lanka are expected to move to Qatar, as the National Recruitment Committee in Saudi Arabia has announced it will no longer employ Sri Lankans.

It is expected that many will turn to Doha, a capital with huge employment potential, instead.

"We believe job-seekers might turn to Doha if the doors to Saudi Arabia are closed. There are many jobs available here," said a Sri Lankan recruitment agency in Doha. "We have no problems with recruitment procedures."

According to media reports, Saudi Arabia's National Recruitment Committee had urged all private recruitment offices in the country to refrain from signing further contracts for the employment of Sri Lankans.

However, Qatari daily The Peninsula on Wednesday reported that Tharmakulasingham, a counselor at the Sri Lankan Embassy in Doha, was unaware of the reports.

Standard recruitment procedures are usually followed by the embassy according to a memorandum of understanding between Qatar and Sri Lanka in 2008.