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Filipina maid found guilty of killing her newborn baby

Another domestic worker testified in court that she witnessed the murder

Gulf News Report
08:47 March 19, 2017

Dubai: A Filpina domestic helper in Qatar has been found guilty of killing her newborn baby and her punishment will be decided next month, the Qatari daily Al Raya reported on Sunday.

The Doha Criminal Court heard testimonies of another helper working the same house who said she witnessed the woman slitting her baby’s throat and dumping the body in a nearby trash bin.

“I heard a baby crying in the other room. When I went in I saw some blood on the baby,” she told the court.

“She pushed me out, locked the door and covered the window with paper but there was a small part uncovered. I saw her beat the baby on her face and attempt to strangle her. When that didn’t work she took out a knife and slit the baby’s throat.”

The employer testified that he was not aware that his helper was pregnant.

A doctor who examined the woman testified that he was certain she had just given birth recently.

More than 222,000 Filipino expatriates are working in Qatar, mainly in the hospitality, food and beverage and service sectors.