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Bahrain says Qatar usurped its border

Manama placed GCC interests above its own

16:55 November 6, 2017

Manama: Bahrain has every right to claim what was cut off forcibly from its land and to dispute the legitimacy of the Qatari rule on the northern territory, a report on the state-run news agency said.

"Bahrain, as can be testified by living witnesses, has endured the intolerable and conceded many of its internationally documented historic rights in order to distance the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) from bilateral differences," the statement said.

Qatar took land from Bahrain in the early 1990s and again in the 1950 when the northern territory was forcibly cut off by a foreign support force that set the new border according to the new oil border.

The borders of the new Qatar were drawn according to a border defined in the agreements as the new concessions to the British Petroleum Company.

However, Bahrain agreed to postpone taking up the border issue after Gulf countries meeting to set up a regional entity requested the delay.

"Bahrain honoured the request by the brothers, agreed to postpone the claim of its rights, accepted the losses and gave up what it is rightfully hers in order to ensure the unity of the Gulf," the statement said.

"Later, Bahrain once again placed the GCC interests above its own. When the GCC convened an emergency meeting in August 1990 to consider the issue of the occupation of Kuwait, Qatar insisted that the dispute between Bahrain and Qatar on the Hawar Islands be discussed at that critical time before everything else, including addressing the essential and crucial issue of the occupation and liberation of Kuwait. For the sake of collective interest and the reinstatement of legitimacy in Kuwait, Bahrain referred part of its sovereign entity to international arbitration. This meant that the Kingdom of Bahrain accepted not to ask for what is rightly hers, while Qatar every time demanded what is not hers."

According to the statement, "Qatar has not only usurped Bahrain’s legitimate rights, but has also worked for years on undermining the security of the Kingdom, offering support to every saboteur and terrorist for two decades."

"Qatar also supported terrorist groups during the unrest in Bahrain in 2011 that attempted to overthrow the legitimacy in the kingdom. Qatar did the same thing in all the countries that slid into chaos and saw their regimes fall in the so-called Arab Spring."

Qatar has allowed in more than 59 terrorists wanted by affected countries and gave them the Qatari citizenship, thus preventing their extradition, the statement added.

"Today, Qatar is naturalising more terrorist groups coming from volatile areas of conflict, thus transforming itself into a focal point for the terrorists that it sends to neighbouring countries with Qatari passports. Such a scheme poses serious threats to security and leads to increased terrorism in the region," the statement said.

"Qatar has announced the strengthening of the Iranian-Qatari alliance, which poses a direct threat to regional security and territorial integrity and jeopardises international attempts to stop the arming of Iranian-backed groups such as the Houthis, Al Qaeda, Saraya Al Ashtar and other groups on terrorist lists."

The statement stressed that the charges were not gratuitous and that they were well documented accusations supported by irrefutable evidence.