• June 22, 2018
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Bahrain forum to focus on Qatar's policies in Gulf, Arab world

Session to highlight Qatari threats against Bahrain throughout history

Gulf News Report
19:22 January 7, 2018
Shaikh Abdullah Bin Ahmad Al Khalifa, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Bahrain

Dubai: Qatar’s role in the developments that have marked the Gulf region and the Arab world will be highlighted at a forum in Bahrain.

“The forum ‘Qatar as the Godfather of Chaos and Crises in the Middle East’ to be attended by more than 240 participants from different fields, sectors and countries comes at a very important time, in terms of current regional developments and their impact on the region,” Shaikh Abdullah Bin Ahmad Al Khalifa, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Bahrain Centre for Strategic and International Studies and Energy (Derasat), said.

“We are certainly facing a real test to protect Arab national security and combat terrorism. Our message in this regard is clear: The security of the region is a red line and no one can be allowed to tamper with it.”

He attributed the decision to hold the one-day forum to the accumulation of the practices of the hostile and subversive Doha regime against the Gulf region and the Arab world in favour of regional expansionist projects and of moves to penetrate the Arab national security and spread chaos by supporting and sponsoring terrorism.

“The title of the forum indicates that the Qatari regime continues to build up crises in the region and to sponsor terrorism,” he said.

The first session will highlight the Qatari threats against Bahrain throughout history, Shaikh Abdullah added.

“These include usurping Bahraini lands, supporting terror activities in Bahrain, naturalising Bahrainis from a specific component, and using Qatari media to incite sedition in Bahrain,” he said.

“The second session will focus on examples of Qatari implications in undermining stability to topple legitimate political regimes since Qatar has embraced the scheme to sabotage the security of the Arab nation. There will be live testimonies about this implication.”

The third and final session will be dedicated to discussing the security of the Gulf and the future scenarios of Qatar’s hostile policy, he added.

“The session will provide answers about the expected paths of the Qatari policy in the near future as well as the options of countries regarding this policy and the ways to confront it. The Forum will issue a final communiqué containing its recommendations.”