• April 24, 2018
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Tallest sand dune in Oman, researcher claims

Height of dune in Ramlat Al Jadilah desert of Dhofar governorate put at 455 metres above sea level, compared to current record of 418-metre dune in Namibia

Fahad Al Mukrashi, Correspondent
16:18 February 10, 2017

Muscat: The world’s tallest sand dune has been discovered in Oman in Dhofar governorate at a height of 455 metres above sea level, according to a report.

Eid Al Yahya, a Saudi researcher and Al Arabiya TV presenter, revealed that the world’s tallest sand dune exists in the Ramlat Al Jadilah desert of Dhofar governorate.

Ramlat Al Jadilah breaks the previous record of a Namibia sand dune, which was recorded as 418 metres above sea level in what is believed to be the oldest desert in the world.

Ramlat Al Jadilah is located in the Empty Quarter, the largest contiguous sand desert in the world. It also covers parts of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Yemen.

Al Yahya told Al Arabiya that seven special cars were used for the journey, which was completed with the help of guides from Al Musn tribe. Only locals living in the area knew how to get to the massive dunes, and very few knew of the secret paths to get to the top in vehicles while avoiding hazards.

Al Yahya, who claimed to have found the highest sand dune after 10 years of research, said the journey to the top took more than 3 hours.

“It seems this dune is the highest in the world,” he said, adding that this does not mean that researchers and travellers will not break this record later.

He noted that the base of the dune is located in a low-lying area that is closer to sea level and called on researchers who ascertain heights of mountains or dunes to take this into consideration.