• April 21, 2018
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Flights cancelled in Oman due to heavy fog

Fog caused traffic jams in Muscat, Buraimi and Batinah on Monday and Tuesday

Fahad Al Mukrashi, Special to Gulf News
16:13 December 27, 2017

Muscat: Dense fog engulfed many parts of Oman for the last two consecutive days, causing traffic snarls and flight cancellations. The National Multi-Hazards Early Warning Centre said that heavy fog will continue until Wednesday, with visibility dropping to less than 100 metres.

The fog caused heavy traffic jams in Muscat, Buraimi and Batinah on Monday and Tuesday, but no accidents had been reported, according to the Royal Oman Police (ROP).

Ahmad Al Beloushi, a motorist, told Gulf News that it took him a long time to get to his workplace.

“I had to drive very slow as the visibility was very low. I couldn’t see that much while driving due to the heavy blanket of fog,” he said.

“Due to increase in relative humidity in the coastal areas of Musandam, North and South Batinah, Muscat, North and South of Sharqyia, Al Wusta, Dhofar and Dhahira, fog patches are expected to form and horizontal visibility is expected to reduce to less than 1,000 metres,” the warning centre said on Tuesday.

Many flights arriving and departing from the UAE are experiencing delays and cancellations due to the heavy fog in the UAE.

Sharjah-based Air Arabia said: “Due to heavy fog in the UAE, passengers are advised to contact the local or the global call centre and check the status of their flights before arriving at the airport.”

The Muscat-Sharjah flight (G9 392) and the flydubai flight to Dubai (FZ132) were cancelled on Tuesday.

The ROP has advised motorists to drive safely due to the heavy fog.