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Expats in Oman asked to keep resident cards

Residents risk arrest for failure to produce ID

Staff Report
12:21 July 7, 2012

Muscat: With the police intensifying crackdown on illegal residents in the country, expatriates have been advised to keep their official identity card with them at all times to avoid being arrested,

Last week, police arrested 104 illegal residents of Asian origin during a raid in Amarat area and two infiltrators were caught at sea near Birka town in northern Oman while they were trying to enter Oman by boat.

“The coast guards were on combing operation in the area and promptly intercepted a small boat that is suspected to be ferrying the infiltrators,” a spokesperson for the ROP’s Public Relations Department said.

“The illegal residents are a bigger threat to the country’s economy as well as the perpetrators of criminal activities. We are determined to send back illegal residents to their home country,” he added.

He also stressed that since the police continue raiding commercial as well as some residential areas to fan out infiltrators and illegal residents, all expatriates with a legal resident visa must keep their resident card, issued by the Civil Status, with them.

“It is mandatory to carry your resident card with you all the time,” he reiterated.

“These illegal immigrants are either overstaying their visa or have entered the country illegally,” the spokesperson pointed out.

He also said that majority of the illegal residents are low-wage workers and do freelance work, especially in the construction industry or car wash by the roadside.

The police have urged every citizen as well as expatriate residents to report anyone illegally in the country and not to give shelter or employment to expatriates without a legal resident visa.