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Kuwaiti donates $212 million to help citizens

PhD students, newly-weds and people in debt set to benefit from generous offer

Habib Toumi Bureau chief
12:01 July 25, 2012

Manama: A Kuwaiti has donated 60 million Kuwaiti dinars (Dh779 million) to help fellow citizens reduce their debt, complete their doctorate studies and get married.

Shaikh Salem Al Ali, the head of the National Guard, said that the donation is “a contribution to boost the social standards of Kuwaitis and to achieve a higher level of human resources development”.

“The donation is in appreciation of Kuwaiti people who have pursued their studies, obtained a PhD degree and took up a position to help students,” Shaikh Salem said in a statement. “It also aims to assist Kuwaitis confront the challenges of a married life.”

Each of the three categories of Kuwaitis who will benefit from the donation will be given 20 million dinars.

“Every Kuwaiti who completes a PhD degree and pursues a teaching career will be given 20,000 dinars. Newly-married Kuwaiti couples will be given 6,000 dinars while every Kuwaiti who has debts will receive 4,000 dinars according to a set of regulations that will be published later,” the statement said.