• June 19, 2018
    Last updated 14 minutes ago


Kuwait royals found guilty of insulting Speaker

They were among six people sentenced on Monday

21:16 February 19, 2018

Kuwait City: A lawyer says two Kuwaiti ruling family members have been found guilty of insulting the country’s National Assembly speaker.

Shaikh Athbi Al Sabah, a nephew of Kuwait’s ruling emir and former head of Kuwait’s National Security Office, and Shaikh Khalifa Al Sabah, the publisher of the now-shuttered Al Watan newspaper, were among six people sentenced Monday.

Lawyer Saud Al Hamdan, who represented speaker Marzouq Al Ganem, confirmed the sentences to The Associated Press.

Those convicted could not be immediately reached for comment.

Al Hamdan says they received five-year prison sentences and 5,000 Kuwaiti dinar ($16,700) fines.

The case involves a group on the mobile phone messaging app WhatsApp that sought to spread fabricated videos of Kuwaiti judges receiving bribes.

Shaikh Athbi faces another five-year prison term in another trial over the group.