2017 in review: Another year of tumult in region

It was yet another tumultuous year for the region. Daesh was militarily defeated, but at a huge cost for civilians. In Syria, the inhumane siege of Ghouta and aerial bombing of civilian areas continued. Somalia experienced its worst-ever terrorist attack. Saudi Arabia led global efforts to fight terror, while trying to check Iran’s expansionism. With their brutal killing of Ali Abdullah Saleh, Al Houthis showed they are not prepared for peace. And Donald Trump’s move on occupied Jerusalem is bound to create further instability.

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06:00 December 31, 2017
Saudi women allowed to drive
Manal Al Sharif flashes the victory sign from behind the wheel on December 12. Saudi Arabia announced in September sweeping social reforms allowing women to drive from June 28, 2018.
Image by: Zarina Fernandes/ Gulf News
Compiled by: Shreeja Nair, Senior Web Editor