Tomb Raider, Raid and more hit cinemas this week

A sneak peek into what's showing in theatres across the UAE this weekend

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12:57 March 14, 2018
5 Rupees (Hindi) (DIFF365 only in MOE): Based on Munshi Premchand's classic Indian story 'Idgah', 5 Rupees features a standout performance by multiple National Award-winning actress Shabana Azmi set against the breathtaking locales of the Kashmir valley. Ameena is a poor old lady, who lives in a tiny village in the foothills of the Himalayas, with her seven-year-old grandson Hamid. On the last day of Ramadan, Hamid looks forward to breaking his fast with an Eid celebration and receiving a 5-rupee coin, which Ameena has been saving up for. On the day, unexpected actions result in a misunderstanding that ultimately reveals the pure, deep love a grandson has for a grandmother.
Image by: Zarina Fernandes/ Gulf News
Compiled by: Shreeja Nair, Senior Web Editor