• September 18, 2018
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Wanna One is the new face of Reebok in Asia

Boy band released their special album ‘1÷x=1 (Undivided)’ this month and are on their first world tour

Samar Khouri, Special to tabloid!
17:54 June 23, 2018
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It’s only been almost a year since Wanna One debuted, but they are undeniably one of the most popular K-Pop boy groups across Asia.

Their immense popularity and multinational appeal has gotten the rookie group selected as the new face of Reebok in Asia for the second half of 2018.

The individual members will each release ‘Wanna One’s Pick’, of which features pieces of their liking and highlights their personality.

The temporary act is known for their strong marketing power, always managing to top the K-Pop boy group brand value chart — published by the Korean Corporate Reputation Research Institute — every month. The Reebok ambassadors even took the second spot on Forbes magazine’s 2018 edition of its Top 40 Korea Power Celebrity list.

Wanna One released their special album 1÷x=1 (Undivided) this month and are on their first world tour.