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Horoscope: September 13, 2017

Astrologer Shelly von Strunckel reveals what’s in the stars for you today

Shelley Von Strunckel, Special to tabloid!
00:00 September 13, 2017


You expect to work hard to achieve your goals, personal, professional or even romantic. So when things are too easy, you can worry. Judging by the wonderful alliance between Venus, which accents life’s pleasures, from wealth and possessions to love, and practical Saturn, things won’t just fall into place magically, what arises will be solid and lasting. Your challenge? Recognising that, at the moment, life is bountiful and all you need do is relax and enjoy it.

Aries March 20 – April 18

While your tendency to ignore, if not actively battle pointless rules and regulations is understandable, and often justified, at the moment it could get you in trouble. Tempting as it is to defy the matter in question, you’re short of facts. Explore and you’ll realise you’ve a lot to learn from this.

Taurus April 19 – May 19

The past weeks have been so busy you’ve neglected others and, just as much, couldn’t indulge in certain activities that lift your spirits. Now that the Sun, Mercury and next week’s New Moon are accenting those, you’ll be able to make up for lost time, with others and for yourself, as well.

Gemini May 20 – June 20

It seems like you’ve been discussing potential changes in elements of your way of living or working for ages. While, in theory, these should be simple, every time you’ve made a plan, things have come undone. Now that your ruler Mercury is accenting these matters, you’ll come up with lasting plans.

Cancer June 21 – July 21

Ordinarily you don’t give much thought to the intuitive side of your nature. While you may rely on those instincts personally, and occasionally advise others, you rarely actually discuss those feelings. Yet now, in certain situations, you’re encouraged to do exactly that. And don’t be shy. Others will benefit from your insights.

Leo July 22 – August 21

Some say you’re demanding. But from your perspective, it’s simply a matter of quality, whatever the situation and whoever is involved. Long ago you realised that if you compromise at the outset, you only end up paying for it later. Not everybody sees things that way, as is becoming increasingly clear.

Virgo August 22 – September 21

You’d always rather confront a difficult truth than live with deception. However, not everybody feels that way. Strange as it seems, when one particular individual explains their intention in concealing certain facts, was to protect you, they mean it. They simply view life, and its complications, from a different perspective than you do.

Libra September 22 – October 22

As a Libra, you think through plans or ideas yourself, then bounce them off others. However, some of these can’t really be discussed with anybody else, which leaves you on your own. Challenging as this seems, your instincts about these matters aren’t just strong, they’re reliable. You can trust them.

Scorpio October 23 – November 21

Being receptive to offers that appear unexpectedly is tricky enough. But telling certain individuals what you’d like from them and, in some cases, how that can please and delight you is seriously challenging. This is acquainting you with the clash between the sensual and very private sides of your nature.

Sagittarius November 22 – December 20

It’s nothing new. Somebody you’re dealing with is determined to plan everything in advance. From your perspective that’s both boring and a waste of time, since some variety of change is inevitable. This is especially true between now and late September’s potent link between your ruler Jupiter and Uranus, planet of innovation.

Capricorn December 21 – January 18

As is becoming increasingly clear, you’re in a period that’s all about discovery and, even more, venturing into new and, possibly, unfamiliar territory. This is tricky, because you’ll worry you’re wasting your time. On the contrary, what you experience and who you meet will add substantially to your life.

Aquarius January 19 – February 17

Somebody seems to think either decisions involving joint financial or business matters are their responsibility or, alternatively, have assumed you don’t want to be involved. While it’s true, these are of limited interest to you, that doesn’t mean you’re prepared to leave these potentially crucial decisions up to anybody else.

Pisces February 18 – March 19

It’s not that you object to rules and regulations, as some say. What you dislike is when they’re applied unwisely and prevent you or others from pursuing worthwhile activities, because of pointless restrictions, as is now the case. You’ll find a way around these. The key? Combine patience with dogged persistence.