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Horoscope: July 17, 2017

Astrologer Shelly von Strunckel reveals what’s in the stars for you today

Shelley Von Strunckel, Special to tabloid!
00:00 July 17, 2017


The time has come to review your goals, both those that shape your everyday or working life, and the ideals that fuel your long range plans. While some can, and should, remain as they are, others are from your past. While you’ve changed, they haven’t and, in some cases, these are holding you back, if not preventing you from exploring potentially exciting experiences or alliances. View this process of review as a form of decluttering your thinking and your objectives.

Aries March 20 – April 18

You dread dealing with one particularly uncooperative individual. Your recent efforts to get them to lend a hand in situations that are their responsibility, as much as they are yours, achieved nothing. Tackle them again. They’ll get involved, but only at the last minute and to the degree that suits them.

Taurus April 19 – May 19

It would be easy to mistake sudden changes as reason for concern, especially since recent equally unexpected events led to bigtime dramas. However, things have changed, so much that if you’re to make the best of these developments, you’ll need to be ready to rethink certain arrangements, some of them longstanding.

Gemini May 20 – June 20

It’s said ‘talk is cheap’, which appears to be the case with certain promises made to you recently. While the individual in question may, indeed, have intended to do as they said, it seems unlikely. On the contrary, they were deliberately deceiving you. Acknowledging that won’t be easy but it will explain a lot.

Cancer June 21 – July 21

Although the actual Full Moon was a week ago, it accented close alliances, which means you’re probably still experiencing fallout from the issues that arose then. Rather than being worrying, this is good news. While certain matters would have been discussed anyway, others urgently needed attention, which is what’s happening now.

Leo July 22 – August 21

There are all sorts of ways to disagree with others. While saying nothing isn’t usually your style, in several recent situations that seemed the best option. Besides, what you’ve learnt from looking and listening prompted reflection that will, in time, lead to a serious exchange about issues and constructive solutions.

Virgo August 22 – September 21

Telling a Virgo to throw your signature careful analysis to the wind may seem as unwise as it will be unlikely. Yet the more willing you are to take chances on the unknown, the better advantage you’ll be able to take of this unsettling, unruly but ultimately worthwhile week.

Libra September 22 – October 22

Sometimes disappointments are no more than that. But judging by the clash between your ruler Venus and Neptune, planet of both intuition and illusion, setbacks could be warnings about one particular individual or arrangement being unreliable. Certainly, until you learn more about the situation in question, it’s worth being cautious.

Scorpio October 23 – November 21

No sign has a greater capacity to remain silent about matters that are best left unspoken. But, also, you sometimes worry about ensuring what needs to be said is raised and discussed, and at the right moment. The latter is on your mind now. Mention it to those involved, ideally today.

Sagittarius November 22 – December 20

For ages you’ve been thinking about shedding certain longstanding arrangements, but dreaded the resulting dramas. Now events give you an excuse. If you’re to take advantage of this opportunity to make those changes, you’ll want to move swiftly since, within days, circumstances will shift everybody’s attention away from these to other matters.

Capricorn December 21 – January 18

While you’ve overcome recent problems involving certain long term arrangements, these raised questions in your own mind about their role in your life. This is timely. Circumstances have changed and so have you. At minimum, you’ll want to rethink these. This, in turn, may lead to a more extensive review.

Aquarius January 19 – February 17

Usually, planning ahead is a sound idea. But with early August’s Aquarius Full Moon being an eclipse, which brings both existing issues to a head and is about breakthroughs, you’re urged to ensure whatever you organise is flexible. That will give you the freedom to respond to events as they arise.

Pisces February 18 – March 19

Sometimes obstacles are just that, problems to be overcome. But those you’re currently facing are prompting you to rethink certain beliefs, ideas and even plans that have been part of your life for so long it doesn’t occur to you a review is possible. Once you begin, you’ll realise how timely it is.