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AIFW Day 3: Payal Pratap celebrates womanhood

Wife of designer Rajesh Pratap Singh showcases romance of the 1950s with flamboyant collection

11:21 October 10, 2015

Romancing the era of the 1950s with flamboyant florals, sharp stripes and playful polka dots, designer Payal Pratap celebrated the journey of a modern woman with a youthful and vibrant attitude towards life at the Amazon India Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2016.

Titled Vintage Rose, her collection was replete with prints, fit and flare silhouettes, pleated skirts, jumpsuits, halter necks and structured dresses, which were recreated in a contemporary context, while retaining the element of classic glamour.

“The collection celebrates womanhood and since I love rose, one can see a lot of it on clothes. Silhouettes are the key in the line and we have tried to make it very wearable yet very elegant,” the designer said after her show.

“The collection is meant for all those women who are independent, confident and for a woman who believes in herself,” said Pratap, who is the wife of celebrated designer Rajesh Pratap Singh.

She is known for cross-stitch embroideries, and her signature style was in full bloom in her latest line. Pixelated cross-stitch prints took the story forward.

Digital and graphic thread embroideries, creating a 3D effect, have been used in garment engineered motifs. Dupions, chanderis, crepes and georgettes are fabrics that have been extensively used.

“The collection gradually evolves into a softer pastel palette in tonal octaves keeping the silhouettes fluid, a reflection of the carefree woman of today,” said the designer.

“One has to be comfortable in whatever is worn and this is what I always focus on. Everybody wants to style up these days and this is one of the sought after trends,” she added.