• June 22, 2018
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Hot Stuff: 4 cool pieces models borrow from boys

From Bella Hadid to Hailey Baldwin, menswear pieces for women are the hottest trends on the streets

16:36 January 8, 2018

Oversized is the new black.

These days the hottest trend on the streets are the menswear inspired pieces. Giant hoodies, boyish shoes and baggy pants are all the rage. Supermodels Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin are just a few famous faces who rock the oversized men’s pieces so effortlessly, they’ve even convinced me to get on that bandwagon. These clothes are both cool and comfortable, if that’s not a win-win we don’t know what is.

To be honest, I am more of a classic girl. Well-cut jeans, dainty pieces... basically stuff that fits. But, in my opinion, there should be no rules when it comes to fashion, so I tried to venture out of my comfort zone to try some extra large pieces and see if I could pull them off.

I discovered that there’s a way to ease into the oversized look without being too extra about it. The trick is to balance the oversized-ness by pairing it with more fitted clothes.

Here are four pieces that will help you get into the boyish look:

A classic bomber jacket with a trendy update

The Les Benjamins Tahran is from the menswear section of the brand. It is technically considered a normal sized jacket for men, but fits like an oversized bomber jacket if you’re a lady. The fashionable, black coloured bomber is made of a cotton mix and comes with ripped, elastic cuffs on the collar, the sleeves and the hem. This gives it kind of a worn look. There’s also some trendy detailing around the zipper along the front and some eye-catching art embroidery on the back give the outfit a pop of colour. I would wear this look with light wash skinny jeans and a tight tucked in tee of any colour.

Price: Dh1,300 from Les Benjamins

Athletic leisure wear pants

When models started rocking a look that was moving away from skinny jeans, many of us breathed a sigh of relief. Although I always worry about wearing baggy pants, for fear of looking slightly homeless, I tried these Pyjama-style trousers with red and white side stripes and was pretty impressed with how skinny they made me look. Who knew that wearing baggy clothes actually made you look small? Apparently, everyone! Because you know that once they are stocked at Zara, they’ve officially become a hot item. These pants can be worn with heels for a more upscale look, or lifestyle sneakers for a comfy street-style look.

Price: Dh369 from Zara

White trainers

Look around the city and you will notice that white kicks have been having a huge fashion moment. They’ve made their way from the playing field to the fashion catwalk and now on to the street. Everyone from adidas to Gucci have designed their own take on the classic white trainer. The key is to style the white sneakers without looking like an American tourist. Many of the fashion It-girls have been drawn to the trend of wearing comfy trainers with almost anything. Think of the white trainer as a blank canvas, which you can create thousands of variations with.

The model way: Pair your white trainers with loosely fit boyfriend jeans and a comfortable white tee. If you aren’t a sneaker kind of girl, then don’t invest hundreds of dirhams into shoes that you aren’t sure you can pull off. Try out the trend with a more budget-friendly pair.

Price: Now on sale for Dh65 from Shoemart

Round eyewear

Up your sunglasses game with this unique Givenchy piece. Combine these John Lennon-esque trendy pair of shades with ripped denim boyfriend jeans and something white. These shades are guaranteed to give you an edgy look for everyday use. Round shapes tend to work on my face, since I have more sharp features, I prefer rounder shapes.

Price: Dh1,340 from Safilo Group