• September 22, 2018
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6 Instagram accounts followed by fashion insiders

From Kate Moss watch to dogs in streetwear, follow these six accounts for fashion beyond the front row

Scarlett Conlon, Guardian News & Media Ltd.
17:31 April 8, 2018

Diet Prada
Followers: 380k
First post: 11.12.2014

Copycats watch out — Diet Prada has zero sympathy for sartorial infringement. In fact, the duo behind the account, Tony Liu and Lindsey Schuyler, have made naming and shaming rip-offs in the fashion industry their calling card.

From high fashion to the high street, celebrities (see Sarah Paulson and Salma Hayek, below) to magazine editorials, they ruthlessly compare side by side and nothing and no one is out of bounds (ask Stefano Gabbana) — much to their followers’ delight.

Freddie Made
Followers: 58.7k
First post: 30.5.2015

Ever wondered what the Queen would look like in an embellished Gucci bodysuit and cut-off denim shorts? Or perhaps Bake Off doyenne Mary Berry as a SS18 fashion campaign star? Wonder no more. London-based art director Freddie Smithson reimagines the most famous fashion images of the moment, expertly swapping out the protagonist’s head with a famous read inspired replacement. Kim Kardashian-West, the Obamas and the Trumps have all received the #freddiemade treatment.

Where’s Mossy
Followers: 33.2k
First post: 11.10.2015

The chances of finding the notoriously private Kate Moss (below) posting pictures of her exotic holidays, legendary dinner parties or brunch are nil. If she did, however, it would basically look like this. Where’s Mossy vicariously follows the supermodel around the world via public Instagram posts made by her companions, event images and catwalk appearances, keeping everyone up to date with the movements of Kate the Great. Recent pin drop: Peru.

1970s Daily
Followers: 259k
First post: 3.2.2015

Who doesn’t need a dose of the disco decade in their feed everyday? Arguably the most sartorially mined period of history, the 70s has style references coming out of its ears, and this account documents them daily. When the beast from the east had us reaching for our thermals, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher frolicking in the New York snow made everything look and feel better.

History of Overplucking
Followers: 9,863
First post: 27.9.2016

For those who struggle to recall that micro-thin eyebrows — hailing from the Bic biro guide to makeup — were once the most sought-after beauty signatures around, this account jogs the memory just fine. From Cameron Diaz and Pam Grier (below) to Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, its feed is a who’s who of Hollywood. As its slogan sympathetically concedes: “Everybody makes mistakes.”

Followers: 12.1k
First post: 7.1.2017

Domestic pets aren’t immune to a spot of hype beast action. Petements, which takes its name from cult streetwear juggernaut Vetements, marries two of the most compelling social-media phenomena with an account that puts dogs in hoodies: #streetstyle and #petsofinstagram. Top points go to pugs (who can’t help but look adorable) and candid over-the-shoulder shots.